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Botox by Dr Paul Deignan

Botox, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo and Fat Dissolving Treatment with Aesthetic Doctor


Get a fresher, younger look with our most popular treatment. This treatment helps to reduce wrinkles and lessen the signs of aging. The most popular treatment is 3 Areas which treats the forehead and around the eyes. Some areas may require a top-up at the 2-week mark and your doctor will be in touch to follow up on your treatment results and arrange this appointment if necessary.

From €170

Dermal Fillers

Define, rejuvenate and volumize your face with these treatments.  These natural products will give you long last in confidence with immediate results. With dermal fillers we reintroduce this compound to areas where it has been depleted. It can also be used to enhance areas where it was never abundant in the first place. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water. By injecting it, we help to plump and moisturize the skin.

From €170


Refresh, lift and hydrate your skin with this treatment. Profhilo creates a widespread, natural improvement across the treated areas.  This Hyaluronic Acid based product stimulates your bodies natural collegen and elastin production. Over a period of 4 weeks after treatment you will see the your skin revitalize, as the body produces these important compounds. This product is perfect for people who want a diffuse improvement in their skin quality, without multiple dermal filler treatments.


Fat Dissolving

There is one key ingredient that occurs naturally in the body in order to absorb dietary fat. By injecting a synthetic version of this compound into stubborn, fatty areas, it can work locally on the fat cells to destroy them. The fat cells are then removed by the body over the next 2-3 weeks.


Dr Paul Deignan qualified from medical school in 2017 and began exploring the world of hospital surgery. Working in operating rooms in Ireland, USA and Australia, Paul gained an eye for anatomic detail by performing delicate and complex procedures. Taking this knowledge, Paul completed specialist aesthetic training in the UK, before working as an aesthetic clinician to further hone his craft. These years gave Paul time to learn about his clients and their treatment goals. Paul has helped 1000’s of people reach their aesthetic goals. His passion for aesthetics is instilled throughout his work, to ensure every person gets the treatment they deserve.

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