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Dermaceutic Crystal Peel -Hyperpigmentation

Dermaceutic Professional Skin Peel treatments.

What is a professional peel? An active solution is applied to the skin to accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation in a controlled way, so that new skin can grow in its place.

Peels are designed to reduce skin surface irregularities, stimulate collagen remodelling, reduce skin discolouration, improve skin texture and hydration and reduce acne symptoms and congestion.

Various strengths and types of skin peels are available, and an in-depth skin consultation is necessary to ensure the appropriate peel treatment is selected for your specific skin concerns.

Crystal peel is a superficial chemical peel formulated with a combination of mandelic, salicylic and citric acids designed to help patients maintain healthy-looking skin. This peel is used for the treatment of melasma, solar & senile lentigines, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, mild acne and hyperkeratosis.

Pre-Peel Preparation

The peels need no social downtime or cause shedding of the skin.

With all our Dermaceutic® Facial Peel Treatments a personalised course of Skin Peels & Home Skincare Products will be recommended, to give the best results suitable to your skins needs.  The specific preparation products need to be used by you at home for minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your first treatment.   These products include one of the following, depending on your skin conditions; Dermaceutic® Foamer 5, Dermaceutic® Foamer 15, Dermaceutic® Light Ceutic, Dermaceutic® Turn Over, Dermaceutic® Actibiome, Dermaceutic® Dual +

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Recommended Course of 3 at 3 week intervals

Package €200 | Treatment €80

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