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Electrolysis Hair Removal From Moles

Experience Pain free Electrolysis at Elmes Skincare Clinic – We use the Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis Machine – the most advanced machine available, offering a more comfortable and virtually pain-free treatment

Safe removal of hair from moles using Thermolysis or Blend Method.

A course of hair removal is preferable prior to considering mole reduction treatment.   Permanent removal of hairs may, in fact, reduce the appearance of the mole naturally and may negate a mole reduction treatment.

When the hair and root have been permanently removed the area taken up by their volume will naturally shrink – therefore mole reduces in size

Healthy Moles

  • Asymmetry: shape is symmetrical round or oval
  • Border: sharp and well defined
  • Colour: usually one shade of tan, brown or skin colour
  • Diameter: usually less than 1/4th inch
  • Evolving: Never changed shape or colour – remained stable
  • Onset: Usually during early childhood through to mid-twenties
  • Uniformity: most normal moles on the body look very similar

This treatment requires a GP consent letter before commencing treatment.

15 mins €25 | 20 Minutes €35 | 30 mins €38

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