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Gua Sha Facial

This relaxing Facial uses Gua Sha – a specific Jade stone that manipulate the muscles and fascia to lift, brighten, tone and increase circulation to the face and neck. The Gua Sha tool is used to open the Meridians (energy channels) for better flow, which benefits overall health and wellness, internally balancing. This treatment has incredible anti-aging properties and can help reduce puffy eyes and other health benefits like reducing headaches and neck tension.

The facial is customized at every step.  It includes a Skin analysis, Lavender Steam to gently remove decongestion, deep exfoliation, a Papin Peel, targeted serums and Pro-biotic masque. Holistic massage techniques on neck and shoulders to relieve tension and nourishing active skincare made in-house which help rejuvenate even the most problematic skin.

Elmes Skincare Clinic’s expert Acupuncturist and Skin Therapist will provide you with an individualised treatment plan to ensure you reach your skincare goals.

1hr | €75

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