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Mole Reduction Treatment

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures – Advanced Electrolysis

Moles (Melanocytic Naevi)

What are Moles and what caused them?

Moles are simply a collection of skin cells, blood vessels and sometimes pigment (colour) cells gathered together. The average person will have around twenty to thirty of them.

We are extremely careful to check that any moles to be removed are stable.

How are Moles reduced?

They are removed by applying a heat energy to the surface of the mole, which seals off their blood supply. Sometimes two or three treatments are required for each mole depending or how large the mole was to start with.

Healthy Moles

  • Asymmetry: shape is symmetrical round or oval
  • Border: sharp and well defined
  • Colour: usually one shade of tan, brown or skin colour
  • Diameter: usually less than 1/4th inch
  • Evolving: Never changed shape or colour – remained stable
  • Onset: Usually during early childhood through to mid-twenties
  • Uniformity: most normal moles on the body look very similar

This treatment requires a GP consent letter before commencing treatment. 

15 mins €90 | 30 mins €150

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