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Thermolysis Electrolysis

Electrolysis hair removal is the only medically and scientifically proven means of permanent hair removal.   Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of Permanent Hair Removal.  It was first developed in 1875 by an ophthalmologist, who used it to remove ingrowing eyelashes. It has since been used successfully for permanent hair removal on different areas. We use both Thermolysis and Galvanic Blend Method.

Enjoy Pain free Electrolysis at Elmes Skincare Clinic – We are a specialist Electrolysis Clinic, we use the Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis Machine – the most advanced machine available, offering a more comfortable and virtually pain-free treatment

Apilus Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal FAQ
What hair can Electrolysis treat?

All hair types and colours are successfully treated, including hormonal hair Dark, Brown, Grey, Red and Blond Hair Removal. All skin colours and skin type can be treated with Electrolysis.

Which areas can be treated?


Electrolysis is the best hair removal method for facial hair, chest hair, Breast (around the nipples), fingers and toes

Hairline, Nape of neck, a forehead and widows peak can be transformed with electrolysis.


Small areas on the face and body

Hair on the back of the neck, hairline and Widows Peak can be cleared permanently with an Electrolysis treatment plan.

Beards can be completely removed or permanently sculpted. Electrolysis reduces the amount of care needed to maintain a beard and minimize skin irritations caused by shaving.

Large areas on the body – Shoulders, Back and Chest

Is It Safe? YES, electrolysis has been around for over 100 years without any adverse effects. There is no risk of scarring.

How long before I see a result? It does require a certain level of commitment from the client as it can take from 6 months to 2 years to complete a treatment, depending on the area and the lifestyle requirements, with time and cost also sometimes being the restrictions.

Effects on the Skin: On the face the skin can vary from pink to red depending on the skins sensitivity in most cases the skin returns to normal within 15-30 minutes. If the face has been tweezed or waxed excessively your skin may react more. However remember to a good electrologist your skin is as important as removing the hair.

Understanding Hair Growth Cycle: Are you tweezing everyday or waxing every week? You probably think your hair grows very fast however ALL hair takes 6-12 weeks to regrow. So the hair you removed today is not what you removed yesterday or last week or even 2 weeks ago, it is from at least 6 weeks ago. If you wax every 4-6 weeks you are only seeing about half of your full hair growth. You would need to leave the hair for 3 months to see the full hair growth cycle. We needed to treat 2-4 cycles of hair grow for permanent removal. (6-12 months).

Treatment Plan: Generally, if we are able to clear an area of hair in the a few sessions then the first 3 months that will be most intense with weekly or fortnightly treatments there after treatment reduces to every 3 then 4 weeks etc until removed permanently. If it is a very large area such as full face or back regular treatment of 1 – 2 hour sessions will be needed for at least 12 months, not always easy but always permanent. We will schedule the treatment to suit lifestyle.

During Treatment: It is very important not to wax or tweeze the hair as this encourages the hair to become stronger. However you can cut, bleach or shave.

Blend Method – Permanent Hair Removal

The blend method of hair removal is a mild & gentle combination of diathermy and galvanic currents. They are delivered into the hair shaft without any discomfort,  so that all you feel is a mild current. This treatment is  best suited to where there are a small number of hairs that are stubborn or may not have responded to laser.

15 Mins €25.00 | 20 Mins €35 | 30 Mins €38.00 | 45 Mins €55 | 1hr €75

Course of 6 x 15 Mins €137 | Course of 6 x 30 Mins €209

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