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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Blemish Removal using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) is a new adaptation of an existing well established and safety proven treatment, also know as Advanced  Electrolysis/Diathermy or Thermocoagulation.  Advanced Electrolysis can also be used to remove skin blemishes such as Skin Tags, Milia and Thread Veins. The electrical current passes down a probe and into the skin where it effectively cauterises the blemish enabling it to be removed without surgery.

Your Aesthetic Electrologist can provide you with the most up to date and safest way to remove Skin Tags, Thread Veins, Milia, Spider Vein, Campbell Morgan Spots, Cherry Angiomas, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN),  Xanthelasma, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Syringoma, Mole Reduction, Live Spots, Poikiloderma of Civatte.

Thread Veins (Telangiectasia) Treatment with Diathermy/Thermocoagulation

Common on the face as we age, these are either broken or permanently dilated capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels we have. They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. As we age, these vessels lose their elasticity and can become permanently dilated. Ageing, pregnancy, smoking, energetic sports, harsh weather and hormones are just a few of the many causes.

Diathermy coagulation does not use a laser therefore the risk of excessive exposure to light reduces the chance of any scaring etc; instead a very fine needle is used to isolate each vein or capillary, to cut off the blood flow so that it is no longer visible through the skin.

30 mins  €90

Spider Veins (Spider Naevus) Treatment

A spider Naevus is a central dilated blood vessel which has smaller capillaries coming from it, like the legs of spiders. They can be on their own or clumped in groups on the cheeks, legs and other areas.

30 mins €90

Blood Spots (Campell De Morgan, Cherry Angiomas or Hemangiomas) Removal

These are bright red vascular blemishes whic lie just under the surface of the skin.  They are dome shaped or slightly raised.  They’re commonly found on the torso but can appear anywhere.  Most people over the age of 30 have at least on, and they are more common in men. ACP can usually remove these unsightly veins in a single appointment.

15 mins €60 | 30 mins €90

Diathermy/Electrotherapy Milia Removal (White Head) 

These are tiny hard white lumps containing keratin which lie just under the surface of the skin. They are easily treated with ACP technology. Their actual cause is unknown, but they’re often found on people with dry or acidic skin.

15 mins €60 | 30 mins €90

Diathermy Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags are very common and are mainly found on the neck, under the arms and in women they are common under the breasts and the bikini line. They often appear with a neck somewhat like a mushroom and vary in size. They can be smaller than a grain of uncooked rice or larger than a broad bean. They are mainly caused by friction, for example around the neck where necklaces and collars rub the skin.

15 mins €60 | 30 mins €90 | 1 hour €150

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