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The product highly recommended for makeup removal on tired, grey, anoxic and mature skin.

The combined properties of Riboxyl™ and vitamin E stimulate the cellular respiration, inhibit the ageing process and reduce the influence of free radicals.

The sunflower oil strengthens the natural protection barrier and softens the skin.

Riboxyl™ – natural D-ribose, obtained from corn seeds. It restores energy by generating the new ATP (adenozyn-triplephosphate) and thereby stimulates the cell-functions. Increases the cellular respiration. Stimulates the synthesis of the main dermis components, thus improves its appearance. It firms the skin, makes it flexible, has an anti-wrinkle and nutritious function as well.

Vitamin E – the natural anti-oxidant, prevents from the light-waves-ageing by neutralizing the free radicals. Operates anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling. It moisturises the skin by slowing down the water vaporization. Improves the micro-circulation. Protects the skin from the destructive influence of the unfavourable exogenous factors.

Put a small amount of gel on water-moistened hands, then gently massage with circular movements to face, neck and cleavage, until getting milk consistency. Wash off with water.


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