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This dual action exfoliant contains Papain which dissolves keratinised epidermis, and delicate particles that remove skin impurities. This exfoliant is suitable for all skin types.

Telosense ™ – biofunctional protein complex, protects telomeres of skin cells, prevents aging processes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Caviar extract – contains essential fatty acids and amino acids, which regenerate the damaged protective barrier of the epidermis and accelerate cell renewal. Micro nutrients strengthen, moisturise and stimulate the skin and phospholipids counteract TEWL and smooth the skin.

Papain – an enzyme obtained from the fruit of papaya, dissolves the connections between dead cells of the epidermis, causing enzymatic exfoliation, brightening, refreshing and smoothing of the skin. Vitamin E – neutralizing free radicals prevents photo-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema.

By inhibiting water evaporation, it increases skin hydration. It protects the skin against the degrading effect of adverse external factors.

Consistency: gel

Capacity: 100 ml