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Clarena Medica Micellar Tonic

Day and night micellar tonic – cleans the skin of impurities (makeup, sweat and sebum), restoring the skin’s proper pH. After applying the tonic, the skin is refreshed and the feeling of tightness is eliminated.

Micellar tonic day and night, Clarena Medica Micellar Tonic

  • Cleans skin pores.
  • Removes impurities from the skin surface, including: grease, sweat and makeup.
  • The tonic restores the proper (natural) pH of the skin.
  • The cosmetic has a relaxing effect on the skin.
  • The product is 100% safe.
  • For all types of problem skin.

Active ingredients:

Calmosensine ™ – has a soothing effect, restores the skin’s sense of comfort.

Resplanta® Babassu (Babassu Oil) – nourishes, moisturizes and moisturizes, also has cleansing properties.

D-panthenol – helps to restore the appropriate level of moisture in the skin, minimizes itching, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Allantoin – a derivative of urea. It shows soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Allantoin minimizes redness, reduces skin irritation. This component counteracts the loss of water from the epidermis, intensively moisturizes and softens.

Glycerin – protects the skin against trans epidermal water loss, moisturises.


Soak a cosmetic pad with Clarena Medica Micellar Tonic , then rinse the skin of the face and / or eyelids.

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