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Product Overview

Dermaceutic Oxybiome is an effective cleanser that purifies the skin from all residue or external pollutants and toxins. It also acts as a make removal to wash off thick makeup, and supports the skin’s natural microbiota which fights harmful bacteria and pollutants that causes skin problems.

Oxybiome cleanser supports healthy skin by balancing the pH, and reducing the marks of blemishes such as pigmentations and redness.

Main Ingredients
  • Microbiota Regulator: extracted out of several natural nutrients that treat inflammation, and relieves both redness and pigmentations in the skin.

  • Zinc gluconate: it minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, regulates sebum, cleanses the skin, and stimulates the speed of wound healing in the skin.

  • Niacinamide: it contains both vitamin B3, and vitamin PP, that help soothing the skin, and balance sebum production and prevent acne upon the face.