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Primavera Cold Comfort Face Mask Spray

The liberating and strengthening Cold Comfort organic mask spray with a fresh, minty scent of pure natural essential oils and plant waters from spearmint, orange, lavender, witch hazel and rockrose. The mask spray makes it easier to wear masks, relieves feelings of oppression and helps you to breathe better.

Wearing a face mask is now part of everyday life in Europe and is likely to be an everyday item in the long term. Many people find wearing these masks uncomfortable because masks make it difficult to breathe deeply. Some feel anxious. The Cold Comfort mask spray bio is tailored to these conditions and makes wearing masks more comfortable.

Just shake it, spray it on the outside of the mask and let it dry well, then put it on as usual. In a 20 ml glass bottle, ideal to take with you and on the go.

Key plants & effect

  • Spearmint organic essential oil: refreshes, helps you breathe deeply
  • Organic orange essential oil: mood-enhancing, puts you in a good mood
  • Essential oil lavender fine organic: balancing, calming
  • Organic witch hazel water: refreshing, clarifying
  • Organic cistus water: balancing, strengthening

Good to know

The scent stays on the mask for up to 4 hours. The conscious perception of the scent takes place mainly in the first few minutes until a habituation effect sets in. Nevertheless, the mask spray helps you breathe easier and makes wearing the masks more comfortable.

It does not leave any stains on the fabric mask and is washed out again with normal 60 degree washing.

The mask spray dries faster thanks to the bio-alcohol it contains and it serves to dissolve the essential oils in the plant water. Before putting on, it is important to let the mask dry until the alcohol odor has gone.

20ml Glass Spray bottle

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